Black Honey photos

Black Honey photos

Black honey Photos.

I’ve spent quite a few evenings at gigs around London and the South East taking loads of Black Honey photos.

Black Honey have emerged as one of the brightest up and coming bands currently on the circuit and I have been privileged to photograph them live as their career takes off. It is a unique time in a bands career and one they look back on with great fondness. The venues are smaller, the crowds while smaller more fervent. at larger venues it would be inconceivable that a crowd jump on stage. At venues such as these it happens. And

Hailing from Brighton, Izzy Bee Phillips, Chris Ostler, Tom Dewhurst and Tommy Taylor create a blistering live sound. Singer Izzy is simply one of the best and most charismatic front people I have ever seen.

One day when they are rich and famous I hope these images will act as a reminder of the early days!

Here’s a video using my images and turned into a video created by my talented friend Ian Gallacher. You can make contact with Ian here . Apart from being accomplished at film editing and graphics, Ian is my oldest friend and an accomplished musician. He can create one off pieces in a style of your choosing.

The images shown in this slideshow were taken over the course of 15 months at 10 different live shows.

If you wish to know the gig venues were from London, Brighton, Cambridge and Southend. Probably may favourite of these was the Tunbridge Wells Forum. The atmosphere was superb, Izzy on fire despite a day at a friends wedding and the crowd absolutely crazy. In there crowd was Slaves frontman Isaac, as he’s a good friend of the band.

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