Black Honey Portland Arms

Black Honey Portland Arms

Black Honey

Black Honey – Just WOW! For me one of the most exciting things to photograph has always been live bands. It was the reason I started getting into photography seriously.

Back in the early eighties I would smuggle my camera in, when I say smuggle, it wasn’t that difficult as bands and acts were not so precious about being photographed as they are now.

I would put my camera over my shoulder under a jacket and push my way to the front of the stage. Big Country, U2 , the Smiths, Embrace, Oasis, Radiohead. I took pictures of them all in their early days. It was a shame I wasn’t a better photographer as there were many flaws in my pictures. Anyway I learned from the experience and over the years got some pretty decent music images.

It set me up to understand cameras and shooting under pressure in a variety of changing light conditions.

So back to Black Honey. What a band. Izzy Bee Phillips is the most astonishing front person and every moment there is a different look or expression to capture.

And that voice. Pop perfection. She simply lives the songs.

And those songs!

They simply haven’t written a bad song yet! Beautiful spaghetti western guitars along with sixties inspired vocals, throw in some punk and seventies vintage shop styling and you have Black Honey.

Yup a funny old mixture but it works and it works to perfection.

When a band starts with your favourite four songs you might expect it to go downhill but it didn’t. In fact it got better as the audience were just about warmed up by then.   And the gig at the tiny Portland Arms in Cambridge built and built to some crazy crowd surfing and a stage invasion for the finale.

I’m not really a words man I do pictures. So, here are some pictures. I think that the stage invasion shot captures the fans feelings perfectly. A band for the people of the people.

And mark my words, it won’t be long until a lot of people fall in love with this band. An awful lot of people. Just wait and see…


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