Boreham House Prom photography

Boreham House Prom photography

Boreham House Prom Photography

Boreham House Gavin WoollardBoreham House Prom Photography by Gavin Woollard.

Boreham House prom photography

Your prom photography at Boreham House

I’m looking forward to seeing loads of you at your prom night over the next two weeks at at Boreham House.
I’m sure all the girls will look stunning and the lads will look better than they do on a normal school day.
Just a quick heads up as to how things will work.
I will be shooting the prom portraits in the beautiful wedding room that everyone will go through before heading into the pavilion. There will be a lot of you to photograph in a short space of time.

I have photographed over 25,000 people at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle during my career. We will organise your prom photography in a very similar way.


To make things run smoothly and make sure everyone that wants me to photograph them gets the chance there’s some ways you can help.

1 – The portraits will be amazing but will need to be ordered on the night. We only sell prints and digital files are not available.

Two sizes of prints are available. 8 inch at £10 or ten inch at £15.

There is, of course, no obligation to have them done (but you might not be this well dressed again until you get married) .

You will cherish your printed portrait forever.

Cash or card payments can be taken. Please bring one or the other.

2 – Have a think about your group of friends before the night.

I will be shooting very cool magazine style groups. Think of ‘Made in Chelsea’ or ‘the Kardashians’.

So, if you have a bunch of friends you would like in a fantastic portrait this is a great opportunity against the wonderful backdrop at Boreham House.

I will also do an individual portrait and you may also want a picture with a special friend (prom date maybe?) .

We will offer 2 sizes of print. 8 x 6 inches at £10 or 10 x 8 inches at £15.

3 – Do be aware that images will not be going online. So, if you would like to order a portrait a decision will need to be made and paid for on the night.

4 – Time permitting we may be able to do a group shot of everybody just before you go to eat so if you would like a copy of that you may order one of those as well.

This is if time is permitting. So, you would need to gather everyone together after we’ve done all the group images.

This is the sort of cool group portrait I took at last years proms.

Boreham House Prom

Once again I look forward to photographing you and your friends at your Prom night at Boreham House.

Essex prom photographer Gavin Woollard
A prom group at Boreham House

If you would like to pre-order your prom prints heres a link below

Essex prom photographer

Call 01245421224 if you are organising a prom and would like some great photography.

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  1. Hiya I organised shenfield prom yesterday how do we get the pictures we paid for ?

  2. Hi my son prom is next Wednesday 5/7/2017 can u buy the photos on the nite or do u send them to the school if u can let me know plz . Thanks kim

  3. Hi Kim
    Pictures can be ordered on the night as explained in the blog ost above. We take cash or card payments on the night.
    Regards Gavin Woollard photography

  4. Hi

    My daughter had her Sandon School Prom at Boreham House on Tuesday 4th July. She didn’t have any money on her.

    She has given me your business card so I can contact you about a photo.

    Is too late to order a photo?

    Many thanks.
    Juliet Cook

  5. My son attended the St Martins Prom on Friday 7th July 2017 at Boreham House, Chelmsford. The school sent a letter before the event advising that photographs would be available for sale after the event. Could you please advise how I can do this.

    Many thanks
    Michele Crawley

  6. Hello Michelle,
    Thanks for your message.
    I’m not sure why the school said that as they were told by the venue that pictures were available to purchase on the night only.
    As there has been some miscommunication please email and we will try to sort out an alternative. Regards Gavin Woollard photography

  7. My apologies, my son did order on the night and hadn’t told me.

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