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Reid Rooms Weddings – Ben & Steph

Reid Rooms weddings – Ben and Stephanie

Reid Rooms weddings.

So much work went into wedding of Ben and Stephanie’s wedding at the Reid Rooms. Home-made Limoncello, Beer with personalised labels, I won’t even go there with all their personal touches.

There will be some more details to follow here but if you are planning a wedding at the Reid Rooms or another lovely wedding venue please call 01245421224 for a chat and meet up.

Thanks a lot.


Reid Rooms Wedding001
Reid Rooms Wedding002
Reid Rooms Wedding003
Reid Rooms Wedding004
Reid Rooms Wedding005
Reid Rooms Wedding006
Reid Rooms Wedding007
Reid Rooms Wedding008
Reid Rooms Wedding009
Reid Rooms Wedding010
Reid Rooms Wedding011
Reid Rooms Wedding012
Reid Rooms Wedding013
Reid Rooms Wedding014
Reid Rooms Wedding015
Reid Rooms Wedding016
Reid Rooms Wedding017
Reid Rooms Wedding018
Reid Rooms Wedding019
Reid Rooms Wedding020
Reid Rooms Wedding021
Reid Rooms Wedding022
Home made limoncello
Reid Rooms Wedding024
Reid Rooms Wedding025
Reid Rooms Wedding026
The Reid Rooms Wedding
Reid Rooms Wedding028
Reid Rooms Wedding029
Reid Rooms Wedding030
Reid Rooms Weddings - Balcony picture
Reid Rooms Wedding032
Reid Rooms Wedding033

Le Talbooth Wedding Photography – Joe & Leanne

Le Talbooth wedding photography – Joe & Leanne
Le Talbooth Wedding_0001
Le Talbooth Wedding_0002
Le Talbooth Wedding_0003
Le Talbooth Wedding_0004
Le Talbooth Wedding_0005
Le Talbooth Wedding_0006
Le Talbooth Wedding_0007
Le Talbooth Wedding_0008
Le Talbooth Wedding_0009
Le Talbooth Wedding_0010
Le Talbooth Wedding_0011
Le Talbooth Wedding_0012
Le Talbooth Wedding_0013
Le Talbooth Wedding_0014
Le Talbooth Wedding_0015
Le Talbooth Wedding_0016
Le Talbooth Wedding_0017
Le Talbooth Wedding_0018
Le Talbooth Wedding_0019
Le Talbooth Wedding_0020
Le Talbooth Wedding_0021
Le Talbooth Wedding_0022
Le Talbooth Wedding_0023
Le Talbooth Wedding photography
Le Talbooth Wedding_0025
Le Talbooth Wedding_0026
Le Talbooth Wedding_0027
Le Talbooth Wedding_0028

Black and white portrait of Ibbie by Gavin Woollard

Black and white portrait of Ibbie

I just adore this black and white portrait of Ibbie. Since I took this I have been itching to show it off as its exactly the sort of portrait I love taking. It appears that parents and grandparents love it as well.
Black and white is certainly having a renaissance in my portrait studio.

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Black and white portrait