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Essex wedding photographer Slideshow

Essex wedding photographer Slideshow

Essex wedding photographer Slideshow. Here’s a lovely selection of images from recent weddings. All of them were taken in Essex. That suits me fine as that’s where I live, so after shooting a wedding I am home in time for tea. Well maybe not quite tea, but hopefully in time to watch Match of the Day. OK, fall asleep in front of the TV before match of the Day comes on!

I am quite happy to venture outside of my home county though. I’ve even been flown as far afield as Las Vegas so if your wedding is overseas, please do get in touch.

If you like these pictures then please drop me a message to get in touch via my contact form . I’d love to chat with you about your wedding.

Do you know someone who is getting married? I would love to speak to them too.

If you would like to chat then the number is 01245421224. I hope you love the pictures…

Stock Brook Manor Wedding Photography | Miles & Sarah

Stock Brook Manor Wedding Photographer

Miles and Sarah chose beautiful Stock Brook manor in Billericay for their wedding reception.

The weather was not as kind as it could have been but Sarah is one of those young ladies that would never let something like that ruin her day.

I visited the girls at home where they were preparing for the wedding first. Miles and Sarah’s cat was playing hard to get while I was trying hard to get a picture. Cats aren’t easy , especially in their own environment!

Their wedding took place at a nearby church. This was a change from their original church after a bit of a mix up. Fortunately it ended up great with a lovely service. Their minister was most accommodating in allowing me to shoot from the front of the church. I do find this works really well to get some of the moments and important expressions of the couple as they exchange their vows.

Following a few quick pictures in the grounds we headed back to Stock Brook for the reception.

Unusually Sarah joined in the speeches to ass her own thanks and comments to those of her father, Miles and the best man.

After dinner I borrowed the couple for some very quick pictures outside the back of the venue. We had the most amazing sky as you will see in the last image.

I will take away the picture of Sarah’s radiant smile from this day as my most lasting memory of a really lovely wedding.

As I am sure will Miles.

Please drop me a message from my contact page if you are getting married at Stock Brook or another wedding venue in Essex. Feel free to call 01245421224 if you prefer to chat on the phone. Thank you

Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0001
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0002
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0003
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0004
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0005
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0006
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0007
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0008
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0009
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0010
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0011
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0012
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0013
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0014
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0016
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0017
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0018
Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0022

Stock Brook Manor Wedding_0020
Stock Brook Manor wedding

What a beautiful sky for a Billericay wedding hey?


TeamGlam at Boreham House a Winter Essex Wedding

TeamGlam at Boreham House

Here’s a quick look of some pictures from the shoot with TeamGlam at Boreham House last week. Many thanks to our lovely models

Ella, Chloe, Paige and Hannah.


TeamGlam at Boreham House

Hannah Bentley


Boreham House TeamGlam Wedding

Paige Summer


TeamGlam Boreham House

Ella Cox


Boreham House photography TeamGlam

Chloe Latta


The amazing floral display in the first picture is from T J Designer studio. It is a flower arch which we used directly outside the front door.

It makes a wonderful entrance for the bride and groom.

The shoot showcased the skills of some of the finest wedding suppliers and services Essex has to offer. I always recommend that people book top quality suppliers rather than ‘a family friend’.

For one thing your friend will be wanting to enjoy the wedding. If they are working then they will need their full concentration. Drinking champagne all day can be hard work!

Great makeup and hair will also help your photographer.

Styling and team

The styling and photography team on the day comprised of

Gavin Woollard Photography Essex Wedding Photographer .

Hair and makeup stylists. TeamGlamBridal .

Wedding venue – Boreham House .

Dresses and accessories Ellie Sanderson  .

Florist and venue styling T J designer studio .

Filmmaker Toby Sleigh Johnson .

Photography by Anna Marie .

If you are getting married at Boreham House (or anywhere else for that matter!) please get in touch via my contact page.