Why do people have a Family Wall portrait?

Why do people have a Family Wall portrait?

Why do people have a family wall portrait?

One of the lovely things I get to do is hand over a family wall portrait to a client. It made me ask myself  ‘ why do people have a family wall portrait ‘?

Today I have handed over this lovely wall portrait to Zoe and Paul of their gorgeous son Lucas.

Family portrait photographer Gavin Woollard

We also made some lovely images of the family together.
I love knowing that this will take pride of place in their home hanging on their wall. Keeping a moment in time. Clients often tag me when they hang the portrait showing where it is having in their home.
After all, we all put things on our walls that we love dearly. As youngsters this might be a pop star or football team, when a little older a favourite holiday destination or something else we hold dear.

Take a look at your own wall. What do you have hanging there? No doubt it is of something important to you.
But as someone who has had a portrait of my daughter hanging on my wall since the was a newborn , there is nothing better to hang on your wall than a picture of our family or our children.
A study even showed a link between having family portraits up helps a child’s self-esteem.
If you have been thinking of having a family portrait there really is no better time than now.

Drop me a message if you would like to make plans for a family portrait session this year or buy a voucher from this link now.

One thing I know to be true.

Having seen my daughter grow up I know only too well a child or family portrait becomes more and more important with age. That one reason alone is why people have a family portrait.


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