Boreham House Wedding Photographer

Boreham House wedding photographer


Boreham House in Essex was the reception venue for Matt and Laura’s fantastic summer wedding.
They were married in the beautiful St Laurence church in Blackmore. Blackmore is the village where I live so it was definitely a home match for me that day!
As so often happens some friends whose wedding I had photographed were guests of theirs at the wedding.
After a few pictures in the grounds of the church they left for Boreham House and a relaxed drinks reception out the back of Boreham House.

So Sinatra were a fantastic Frank Sinatra act and had an incredible similarity to old blue eyes himself. Not just in sound but also in looks. I also loved the vintage retro microphones!

The fireworks in the evening were spectacular. The lake in front of Boreham House provided an amazing setting against the blue evening sky. As the guests gathered at the front of Boreham House the fireworks carved lines of fire in the sky.
Boreham House wedding photographer

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  1. sheryl bristo

    Lovely set of images and another amazing venue

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