Rock and Roll Bride Chelmsford Photographers

Rock and Roll Bride Chelmsford Photographers

I have got to admit it – I Love the Gooday family. We hardly talked about the wedding when we first got together to discuss the wedding photography for Daisys wedding. When you have rock and roll in common with the bride and her family it always seems to end up on that subject.

They are proper Rock and Roll royalty. Daisy’s dad  Mark, Dan (brother) and Lee (Groom) all work for the family business. Ashdown Amplifiers is company that makes the finest bass guitar amplifiers in the world. If you don’t believe me just ask U2 , Biffy Clyro, The Foo Fighters Paul McCartney or a host of other people that know much better than I do.
Anyway, when I asked them to get together for a family portrait at Daisy and Lee’s wedding I could hardly pose them up in any kind of traditional way could I?
This is what Mark bought Jane (Mum) for a present for Christmas. A big very one. It was ordered too close to Christmas to be framed in time but hey ho…
One of my favourite moments of the year of that wedding was when I phoned Mark back to ask a couple of questions about the picture.
‘Hi Mark Its Gavin. I think I know the answer but I just wanted to check with you, do you want me to retouch out all the dog ends on the floor , the ashtray and the brandy glass’?
‘No Gavin . Please leave the decadence of my family in’…. LOVE IT! You just have to love a rock and roll bride…

Rock and Roll Bride Chelmsford photographers


Out of interest the church that Daisy was married in is a gorgeous little church in Chignal St James near Chelmsford. They have so few weddings there that the marriage register goes back to the 1800’s!

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